Coaches and minibuses

Coaches or minibuses are usually an important service for a destination wedding. Italian roads are not the easiest, and Italian drivers are not the easiest to deal with. For these reasons, we suggest our Wedding parties to rent a car only if they are acquantied to driving in Italy.

Usually we arrange for transfers from the accommodation of your guests to the Ceremony and reception Venue, so we will be able to oversee the schedule and to always know exactly where your guests are. We want to make sure that everyone arrives on time and is also able to leave according to their perference, especially in case of need, such as with small children, or for those who need to depart early.

Arranging for group transfers will also allow your guests to save compared to taxis, which can also be hard to find in some areas of Italy, and this will allow more friends and family members to attend your wedding without the worry of always consider a set budget for the time in Italy.

It is very important that your Italian Wedding experience is stress free and that you do not have to run around looking for relatives, and this is why we prefer to arrange for the transfers in your name and to be the reference in case of need.

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