As our customer, you will receive a contract for your Wedding, as soon as you are happy to have us as your Wedding planners.

The contract is as simple as possible, and is a standard one according to Italian and International laws. Our company is fully registered, and your contract will show the VAT registration number, as well as the confirmation of registration at the local Chamber of Commerce.

The contract that you will receive will be of course prepared and customized according to your needs and requests.

Usuallly we do not include all of the services that you will need for the Wedding, as the contract is a starting point, from which we will add together with you all the extras, only once they have been selected and perfected together along with your wedding planner and our team specialists in the different fields such as flowers, photos and so on…

The reason why we prefer to add the services as we move forward, is that if you select a big package, you will only receive average services. What we want to do, is to create what you wish for, instead of giving you something already selected by others. This is why our contracts start from the Wedding planning and Ceremony only.

Of course, for couples that are in a rush, maybe coming on a Cruise, or last minute weddings, we will bbe happy to create special packages to ease their choices. After all, we are experts, and you can always trust our help.

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