Italy’s naturaly beauty, and all of the wonderful architectural and natural creations and landscapes make choosing a decor for your wedding much less stressful.

Thanks to our experience and local knowledge, your Wedding will be breathtaking no matter what your budget is. One of the most common comments that we receive from guests, is that the Wedding that they are at, is the most beautiful they have ever been to.

We are very proud of this, but we have to admit that being Italy one of the most romantic countries in the world, and possibly the most beautiful overall, it comes quite easy. Our aim, is too complement the Venue and the landscape according to your wishes and taste, and thanks to the different members of our team, each with a specific field of expertees, this is something that will definitely come perfect for the day of your Wedding.

We also have a wide in-house selection of decorations for rent, that can definitely allow you to save quite a bit on your budget.

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