Italy is one of the few countries of the world, lucky enough to have many different climates, allowing it to offer almost every type of flower all year round.

Like most of our vendors in Italy, the florists are artists. They will follow your guidline and your wishes to create something unique, or if you want, exactly as you present it to them in photos that you have collected during the creation of your Wedding.

The styles are many, and all of them are very different, but you can be certain that the beauty of any Venue that you might choose in Itay will only need to be complemented by flowers. Differently from other destinations infact, here in Italy the flowers and decors will only need to add slight touches to your Wedding. The beauty that you will find will already be astonishing.

Choosing flowers with us is very simple. We are proud to have the in our team, the first Italian wedding planner, protege of Preston Bailey.
This allows us to create at the highest level, and with the best produce selection.

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