Getting married quickly

Many times it happens that we receive a request from a couple on Cruise, or a surprise wedding arranged at the last minute, and why not, even a romantic getaway

If you want to plan a “last minute wedding” you are in very safe hands. We are the best in Italy if you want to marry without planning with large advance.

Thanks to our experience, and the knowledge of our Manager Massimiliano Russo, we are able to even process documents that should have been requested in your home country, once you are already here in Italy. All of this comes only from experience and from the connections that we have with the various legal and government offices, such as Embassies, in Italy and aborad.

We can, will and do marry people in Italy on short notice – even at very short notice.

We are not the top choice for you to marry quickly in Italy. We are the only choice, and with our reputation, you will always feel secure that you can enjoy your time in our beautiful country, rather than spending time in local offices.

In the end, you will go home with beautiful memories of your vacation, with the experience of a lifetime, and with your life long companion.

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