Gondola and boats

If you are by the Sea or on a Lake, there is nothing more beautiful to enhance your wedding, than a Gondola or boat ride, either just for the two of you, or along with your guests. These moments will allow you to cherish unique photos for a lifetime, as well as to see your Wedding city or town from a point of view that is truly unique.

Most of the wedding destinations in Italy, will be close to, or by the water, as we have over 7500KMs (about 4000 miles) of coast, not including the many lakes.

You can choose according to your liking and needs from many different types of boats, and on some lakes, even from typical Gondolas, different from the Venetian ones, but still incredibly stunning.

We are even able to provide for sail boats, that on calm waters are the most romantic and picturesque options you can find.

Boats can be used in a variety of different ways.

  • Transportation to and from wedding ceremony or reception
  • Prop for unique wedding photos
  • Memorable, post-wedding sparkling wine toast with your guests
  • & more!
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