Guest activities

Guest activities are one of the most important components of a destination wedding in Italy. Our wedding is an occasion for your family and friends to come together and to get to know each other better during a beautiful and meaningful vacation, and what better way than a day, or few hours together experiencing one of the most beautiful and rich countries in the world for food, wine and history

Usually we plan with our Brides and Grooms, according to their style and liking. The activities offered can be more adventourous, culinary, artistic…it all depends on your ideas and wishes. We then prepare a presentation for the guests, so we can follow all of the possible requests and needs directly.

From the moment your guests receive your Wedding invitation, they will also be provided with all the possible options that we have selected for them along with you. They will be able to choose and create their time in Italy, with the safety of knowing that we will always be available (literally 24/7) in case of any question or need, and that the providers are the top professionals in each area.

Everyone has definitely had a bad experience with a tour or activity during a vacation. When you plan with us, you have the guarantee that this will not happen, and that all the memories from your party’s time in Itally will be nothing but perfect.

If your guests do not wish to plan in advance, they will find in their Hotel room a detailed program that will contain all of the activities, tours, cooking classes, SPA day, and any other service that they might attend.

Please keep in mind that activities can vary depending on the region of destination of your Wedding, and that we will select the ones that are truly unique, in order for your experience to be really special.

In Italy one of the most popular is a local wine tour into the countryside, inclusive of wine tastings in private wineries, and lunch or dinner at a typical villa or farmhouse and a stop at a ancient medieval town. This is just one of the many possible options.

Here is a partial list of some of the things we can organize for you and your friends and relatives:

  • Balloon rides.
  • Chauffeured half and full day tours.
  • Cooking classes or demonstrations.
  • Horseback riding excursions with guide.
  • Mushroom or truffle hunting.
  • Tours of villas, castle, villas or medieval towns.
  • Wine tours.

Ask us for examples from previous Weddings to see exactly what we can plan for the eare that you mostly like in Italy, or simply to see how we work.

Keep in mind that all our presentations and creations are tailored according to the destination, your Wedding theme and colors, and all your specifications. We can also publish the various options on your wedding website and be of reference directly for your whole party.

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