Italy is world renowned for fashion and beauty, and your Wedding hairstyle will definitely resemble it. We will choose the best professional for you according to style, wedding destination and budget.

The hairstyle for your Wedding day will be a very easy choice for you, as all of the artists that we work with will simply replicate exactly the ideas that you have from photos or description that you have collected.

It will be very important to arrange for a trial, either at your accommodation or at the salon, which we will arrange for you according to your schedule for your time in Italy.

During the trial your personal stylist wil discuss with you his/her ideas according to your wishes and your actual hair. You will then be the one to choose the details, but keep in mind that we will be with you during the whole process, to ease you.

Once all is perfect, your hair will be undone (not to spoil the wedding day surprise) and everything will be created again to perfection on your special day.

Manicures, pedicures and other services are also available and can be done for brides simultaneously with all other beauty treatments.

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