A wedding is definitely one of the days in a life that you will always remember. Even more memorable is the Honeymoon, as it is a perfect sum of the emotions of the Wedding, and the completion not to be missed, of a very special and unforgettable period in a couple’s life.

Europewedding has redefined the Honeymoon experience, by bringing tradition together with knowledge, in order to reach highly innovative results.

Until few years ago, the Honeymoon seemed a totally separate trip from the Wedding. Something “different” that most of times was not connected or compatible with the happenings of just few hours before. This used to cause stress to a newly wedded couple, still overwhelmed with emotions.

Instead, here at Europewedding, we see the Honeymoon as a lovely continuation, that perfectly follows your “I do”. In detail, our team is among the very few that creates a completely tailored Honeymoon, based on our couples’ experiences.

Our staff will assure that we do not propose destinations where you have already been, or activites that you have already done. Instead we create totally new atmospheres, based on the likings of Bride and Groom. Everything is based on your wishes, and on destinations that are interesting and meaningful to you. For example, the departure for the Honeymoon and the itinerary will be studied so that it will be stress free and close to where the Wedding has taken place. This will avoid any stress and will feel as the right continuation of you journey in Italy. Europewedding will take care of all the services, up to the smallest detail, so that the Honeymoon will be truly unfforgettable and worry free. We will also be available during your whole trip in case of any need, question or additional idea you might have. If you are already in touch with us, you will know how important it is for our planners to get to know our Brides and Grooms. This infact translates in a perfect wedding, and in this case, in the perfect Honeymoon.

We will arrange for all the parts of the trip in a smart way, and we will show you all the possible options and ideas so that it will be a wonderful experience that you will live together. Our team will also balance your Honeymoon, so that you will see and experience many different locations, without forgetting that it also needs to be a time of relax between different destinations, in order for you to truly enjoy your first moments as a family. Basically an experience that will be fun, thrilling and relaxing. All at once.

From the gorgeous Italian landscapes, rich in history and tradition, to the hidden gems that only locals usually know. From Italy to other European destinations, passing through the beauties of the old continent capitals, mountains and seas. We will find together with you the perfect scenery to remember and to tell your children. Exactly where it all started.

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