Italian Wedding favors

A typical Italian tradition is to gift your wedding guests with a favor. The typical Italian favors are very simple “confetti”, which are sugar coated almonds, always in odd numbers, given in a nice hand crafted box, or a traditional decorated cloth. In the past years it has become more and more common to serve such almonds directly at the reception, and to give as favors a little gift to be kept memory of the day, or a traditional produce of the area where the wedding is taking place.
All favors, regardless of your choice will be paired with a little “thank you” card in the theme and colours of your wedding.

Europewedding will help you choose among the many possibilities, also according to your ideal budget.
Here below you can find some of the most popular options you can find in Italy:

  • Sugar coated almonds – the most traditional;
  • a small bottle of liquor, olive oil, or wine with your own personalized label – to be chosen according to your actual wedding destination;
  • a silver decorated tea spoon – traditional of Italy and very classy;
  • Murano blown glass – typical of the area of Venice;
  • small ceramics – popular for the Amalfi Coast and Campania region;
  • Florentine leather items – for Tuscany

We will be happy to show you many more ideas and possibilities as we proceed with the planning of your wedding.

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