The choice of music at your wedding, is the secret to turn a beautiful day, into a spectacular and fun experience that all your guests will remember for the longest time.

Music at a wedding is divided between ceremony and reception. We like to keep the two very different from each other, in order to have your guests always enterntained, and the atmosphere always vibrant.

The choices for music are as wide as music itself, and being music lovers ourselves, we will gladly get to know your taste, and from there to provide you with options and ideas.

We never work with amateurs, but only with professionals simply because this is what a wedding deserves. We will provide you with audio and video files of the possible artists, so you will know exactly what to expect.

The final step in the planning for this service is also the most fun one; the choice of your playlist. No matter what type of music and whether it will be live or played by a Dj, we will help you create the perfect soundtrack for your dances, for the party, and for all the different moments of the day.

If you want it will be possible for you to bring home a cd.

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