Europewedding can proudly list among its top successes, an important part in one of the most fashionable weddings of the past decades. The union of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

In detail; the world famous movie production company, Warner Bros., chose Europewedding as the only reference in Italy as consultant for the organization of the event, and the coverage live of the Wedding.

This is how we have been able to contribute on a very high level, in giving the “Italian touch” to this Wedding, and to make the coverage, a truly Italian experience.

Our staff has been the only one to be allowed inside the Hotel where Tom, Katie and all the guests were accommodated, in order to be able to define some of the details and aspects. We were together with the guests on the steps of Piazza di Spagna in Rome, and it has truly been an amazing experience.

This is how Europewedding has had a great chance to grow professionally and express its potential, while participating in one of the most glamorous events of the past decades.

The same qualilty, the same commitment in the search for the perfect locations, and the same level of professionalism that we gave to Warner Bros. are provided to all our couples, who can take advantage of the highest professionals, so appreciated worldwide.

We will be happy to help you and create for you something unique and perfect, as it has been for some of our most famous clients, listed here below.

  • Helena Lucic SegoMezzosoprano (Zagreb Philarmonic Orchestra)
  • Kate SalterSunday Telegraph Editor
  • Rachael HorovitzMovie producer
  • Josip SkenderCroatian National theatre directot
  • Bjorn LinderSwedish Ambassador
  • Jose CansecoBaseball player
  • Ashley StridNBC anchor
  • Amanda MoyerRadio speaker
  • Tony ZameczkowskiMusic Director YouTube Asia
  • Anita IsmailUS ambassador

Please note some names are not listed, due to Privacy restrictions.

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