Massimiliano “Massi” Russo

General Manager

I am the founder of the company, and I have been planning Weddings since 2005. I am proud to say that after having helped over 500 beautiful couples, there is very little that I have not seen, and this is why I want every wedding to be as personalized as possible. My experience has grown in the years, and I now create with the help of my team only unique events. I do not believe in set packages, but I prefer to define every single detail according to what our couples want and wish. I want to see and feel the happiness that such an important day deserves. It is the Bride’s and groom’s joy that is the most important factor in each wedding.

I started my carrer in the food and beverage industry over 20 years ago, while still studing in school, and I realized that it was the path for me. I had a quick career thanks to my passion and devotion to the job, and became a Maitre, a Sommelier and I managed restaurants in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, such as Miami, London, Milan, Auckland and more.

One day I decided that I had seen enough of the beauties of the world, and that I wanted to work close to my family. That is why I came back to Italy and started my career as a Wedding planner.

In the past few years, with the experience created, I have decided to take this opportunity to the next level, and I have started to define much more what my couples wanted. Now I am proud to say that we do not really plan weddings (even if we are always wedding planners), but we create a Wedding, and we are able to make dreams come true. This possibility comes also from the long partnerships that we created with Vendors throughout Italy, and without whom we would not be able to accomplish so much for our Brides and Grooms.

Benedetta “Benny”

Wedding Planning Manager

Originally from Milan, Benedetta’s passion for travel and diverse cultures has taken her around the world. She has lived abroad for much of her student and adult life, including in the USA, Finland, Spain, New Zealand and China.
With a Masters degree in Brand Communication and a background in Advertising, Benedetta started her career with a Milan advertising agency before deciding that event management and tourism was a better fit for her outgoing personality. She loves getting to know new clients and counts many of them as friends long after their projects have ended.
She elevated her role as manager for high level events through her experience in a five-star hotel in Beijing. Over her five years as event manager there, she developed a love for collaborating with her clients to design and deliver perfect, personalized experiences.
Benedetta’s ebullient personality, positive attitude and attention to detail go hand in hand with her passion for wedding planning. She will guide you through each and every step of your journey to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Federica “Fede”

Wedding Planning & Event Visual Designer

Federica was born in northern Italy and her interest in learning different languages and cultures, led her to her first experience abroad, in London, when she was 18 years old. After a great immersion in the UK and in the English language, she then started her career in Italy working in global markets and developing sales skills in Real Estate.

She than decided to follow her passion for Fashion and travelling at the same time, so she started and developed her career in Customer Service, Retail and Visual Merchandising. Federica worked for some big Luxury high street Fashion houses when living in Barcelona, Sydney and London, developing a great sense of style and attention to detail, that she always uses in her works.

Having rediscovered the beauty of her home country, now she is back in Italy and she started her career as a wedding planner. Federica loves, along with the team, to help her clients’ vision come true, knowing the importance of being in a country which is not yours and being able to organize any event in every little detail.

Rossella “Roxy”

Customer Relationship Director

Rossella is the most versatile member of Europewedding’s team.

She was born in the south of Italy, but has grown up in many different regions, including the amazing Lake Como, and making her a very knowledgeable person of Italian geography, even before she specialized with her studies in incoming tourism.

After her degree Rossella travels around the world and experiences different cultures and languages. She also specialized in photography, and she has shot numerous weddings as a professional, before becoming a Wedding planner.

Today, she still shoots for selected services and for portratis and business services.

Weddings for Roxy are nothing but beautiful stories to tell; fairytales with beginnings but no end. She is full of color and warmth, just like her photos.

From the very first step, Roxy will take you through the path of wedding planning as through a dream, also thanks to her optimism and her care for detail. She also loves to incorporate Italian traditions and themes, of which she is very proud.

Other than being focused on languages and photography, Rossella has achieved a master degree in event planning, and she has a wide experience in local associations for the promotion of Italian heritage.

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