Wedding video

Photos are wonderful but nothing can re-capture the magic of your wedding in Italy like a wedding video.

Wedding Videos were very popular a few years ago, and then have been a bit forgotten for a while. If your budget allows you, we strongly suggest you consider this service, as it will capture moments that cannot be seen in photos, such as the speeches, the first dance and some of the funny moments.

We usually provide a short trailer of about 3 minutes, and a longer version with the full Video. The choice on the musics and some of the details of the post production will of course be up to you, as all our Videographers will work according to your requests and style.

Our Italian videographers are exceptional artists and they will put together a video of wedding in Italy that will remind you of all the beauty and excitement of your marriage celebration in Italy.

Videos are perfect for couples wanting to host a reception for friends and relatives that were not able to make it to Italy. It is a thoughtful way of letting everyone participates in the joys of this event when you return home. Most videos will include a complete tour of the highlights of the city you have selected as your wedding venue.

Magnificent backdrops such as the Coliseum in Rome, the Grand Canal of Venice and the rolling hills of Tuscany can be part of your wedding video.

The service is performed by a professional Italian videographer and will be kept in digital format.

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